"When someone says no to you, BANG! you've turned them into a fucking greeting card or something..."

(cause I'm a wizard.)

I'm a woman of all trades, with a creative soul and an inspiring spirit.

Art, History, Music, and Fashion. Boom.

My name is Miss Ri.
Up Up & Away
A #letter from my Dad. I couldn’t even make it to the second sentence without bursting into tears. #toomuch #love #lettersfromdad  (at Ladyland)
#brooklynbridge #newyork
#iwant! #latergram #beyonce on #wheels
New beauties. #lavender #roses my favorite!
#cherryblossoms #nyc #newyork #rightacrossthestreet (at Brokelyn House)
via lostsplendor:

Take it Outside, 1900s (by Powerhouse Museum Collection)
Precious Decades
Precious Decades
#sigh #spring in #brooklyn #beautifulday
#happeningnow a car crashed into the wall and a were in hot pursuit! 10 cars later, and no one hurt- 4 are arrested! Shit was less than 5 mins!! #bedstuy #doordie
#beach #newyork

Liquid Thoughts is my second unit for my second year of Univerity the project engages with the idea of surrealism and dreams, what I wanted to achieve here was to create images that become disorientating to view, the use of the Lucid dream was used, this is when you dream bet are aware that the world you are imagining is not real. I wanted the images to show landscapes that had been completely changed and distorted to become something uncanny and dream like. All the images were made using 35mm film that was then compiled in Photoshop and layered up to crate surreal dream like landscapes.
(By Francesca Solloway Photography) 
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